Peter Obi Is Not Different From His Colleagues In APC And PDP – Sowore

peter obi

In what appears to be a direct attack on the porported integrity of candidate Peter Obi, Sowore has denied claims he said the PDP presidential candidate hopeful has a sweaky clean reputation as opposed to other politicians.

Omoyele SoworeSowore has always insisted those who populate the ruling APC and the main opposition party, the PDP, are corruption infested incompetent criminals. In his denial of the claim he said Obi is different, he stated this:
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Nigeria Is Fast Becoming A Failed State - Peter ObiThe news being circulated that I said Peter Obi is not CORRUPT is completely FALSE! I never said any such thing. My position is clear, Peter Obi is not different from his colleagues in PDP and APC. They are one and the same! Thank you!

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This is practically calling Obi a thief and incompetent, “just like his colleagues in APC and PDP”.

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