Akeredolu’s Wife Has Taken Over As Ondo Governor – Pastor Giwa

Pastor Giwa Adewale has claimed wife that Ondo state governor‘s wife, Mrs. Betty Akeredolu, has taken over the affairs of the state. He said, “One doesn’t know who is the governor of Ondo State between Governor Akeredolu and his wife. I have carefully observed how governance is being run in the state.

“A situation whereby a governor is allowing his wife to make some decisions is uncalled for. From my findings, Mrs. Akeredolu is the governor of Ondo state not her husband. Imagine the scenario of which the governor’s wife dictates what is happening in the state. Ondo State cannot be ruled by a wife of the governor. The contracts that supposed to be handled by competent hands are being given to the family members of Mrs. Akeredolu. No wonder everything remains stagnant since inception of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu. The wife determines who to be commissioners, Special Advisers etc. Also, the rate at which Mrs. Akeredolu is operating Social Media, especially the Facebook is uncalled for. Imagine the wife of the office that supposed to respect her office has turned herself to nuisance? This action is nothing, but ridiculous. I hereby call on the governor to address this situation before it gets out of hand.”

Photo Credit: Getty

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