Parents Of Kidnapped Christian #DapchiGirl Disclose How She Got Her Faith

Parents of the only Dapchi schoolgirl still being held by Boko Haram because she refused to denounce her christian faith, Liya Sharibu, has revealed how their daughter got her strong faith. In a recent interview, Liya Sharibu’s mother, Rebecca, who said she’s still hopeful that her daughter will return home revealed that her daughter got her faith because of her teachings to her. Liya’s father, Nathan Sharibu was also pictured during the interview.

Read excerpts from the interview below:
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: What is your name?
Mother: My name is Rebecca Sharibu.
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: What is Leah’s date of birth?
Mother: Leah’s date of birth is 2003.
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: What does Leah like?
Mother: Leah likes to help me doing the house chores. When she’s around I do nothing.
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: What do you like the most about your daughter?
Mother: I like Leah’s attitude of helping me. Leah always wants to do work even before you talk to her, so actually before I wake up from the bed Leah will wash the flats and sweep off the environment.
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: Where did Leah get this kind of faith?
Mother: It is from us because we teach her.
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: What church do you attend?
Mother: Evangelical church winning all (Ecwa) Dapchi.
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: How do you feel about Leah’s courage?
Mother: I am happy because Leah is doing the right thing. Even if they shoot Leah there, we believe that she will be with Christ Jesus.
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: What does Leah want to become in the future?
Mother: Leah wants to be a scientist. She always wants to read science.
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: Did you know that Leah is famous and people all over Nigeria are praying for her?
Mother: Yes, I know.
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: What message do you have for your daughter?
Mother: That God may continue to keep her in good health and bring her back safely.
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: What’s your message to the terrorists?
Mother: I said that even if we are told today that they’ve shot Leah, I thank God that Leah is still Christian, and that one day I will see her again.
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: What message to those praying for Leah?
Mother: May God accept and answer all their prayers.
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: Are your other children still going to school? Mother: Yes Leah’s brother is in SS1. We only have 2 children, Leah and her brother.
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: What did they say was the reason that Leah did not return?
Mother: Because Leah is a Christian and she did not renounce Christ in order to become a Muslim, that is why.
#IAMLEAH Interviewer: How old are you, Rebecca?
Mother: I am 40 years old.

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