Saturday, September 25, 2021

Ozinna Anumudu Definitely Knows How To Make Strong Fashion Statements In Yellow

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The Colour Yellow is one you can’t help but fall in love with for a number of reasons. This is one colour that pops and brings a lot of attitude to a person’s look. A lot of people avoid the colour for a number of reasons because they are not sure they will ever nail it to perfection. The stunning Ozinna Anumudu proves that you can rock yellow perfectly and even be a ray of sunshine while at it.

Ozinna Anumudu Definitely Knows How To Make Strong Fashion Statements In Yellow
As exciting as the colour Yellow is it is also one colour that you can fail woefully at and end up looking like a mess in. Ozinna Anumudu has the perfect guide on how you can wear yellow and still look like a boss while at it.

1. Ozinna Travel Look
This look is the perfect way to hit the city especially on vacation and it ticks the boxes on the perfect tourist fashion look. She rocked a lovely yellow jacket with yellow pants. She finished things off with lovely gold and a christian Dior bag.

2. The Boss lady look
We know it is the end of a work week and you need to start prepping for the new week ahead.  The style influencer rocked this stunning yellow dress with a lovely belt accentuating the waist. She gave us the perfect work wear look for Monday.

3. This third look from Ozinna Anumudu is a personal fave because of how elegant and classy it looks. This look is giving us the perfect fun day out vibe for the weekend. She rocked a ponytail and kept her makeup flawless and simple.

4. There is a pandemic so vacation plans for the year are mostly on hold but we would manage pictures from previous trips. Ozinna rocked this lovely off shoulder dress giving us vacation and luxury trip ideas.

5. Ozinna Anumudu loves the colour yellow and has mastered the art of wearing it well. This super-versatile addition to your wardrobe takes on a totally new vibe when it’s dressed up or down. She rocked a yellow poka dot jumpsuit and paired it with a lovely black bag. As usual she kept her makeup clean and classy.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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