Okada Ban: 5 Lifestyle Tips To Help You Survive The Lagos’ Trekking

If you stay in Lagos and don’t own car, then you most definitely have become a victim of the new Lagos State Government policy Okada Ban’ placed on Bikes, tricycles and other hailing companies.

Okada Ban
Surviving the Lagos Okada Ban

And it officially a trekking season in Lagos since a ban on commercial motorcycles (Okada) and tricycles (Keke)from Saturday, February 1, 2020.

Since the “Okada Ban” was imposed several trends has come off the restriction, and you bet that most people had fun. From ‘otrek’ to ‘ohorse’, the Twitter trends on the ban were endless.

Most people have been having a hard time with trekking but the bright side to this is that you get lose that fat you’ve been struggling to get rid of. So, you can approach it as a medium to lose weight or exercise your body daily. Although, it would eventually get tiring.

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We have put together some lifestyle h.cks that would help you get through trekking with ease making it less stressful than it could be.

The lifestyle hacks would vary from fashion, food, health and skin tips that are meant to help make this transitional period less stressful and maybe turn it into an advantage.


  1. Wear Comfort Shoes: the first hack would be to get yourself a Sneakers and for ladies get yourselves some flats that are well cushioned on the inside and not too tight since would be walking much more than you use to. A sneaker is a great choice of footwear because of the sole and the comfortability. You would be able to move freely when you’re putting on a sneaker than a corporate shoe. For those that work in a corporate working environment, you can change your shoes when you get to your workplace.
  2. Get Yourself A Sweater/Jacket: For those working in a corporate environment where you need to be on shirts and trousers or suits, advice get yourself a leather jacket or hoodie to throw on on your shirt to help protect against dust, the morning hustle and when you get to work take it off and put on your suit. For the early birds, you might need a sweater because it gets really cold in the early hours of the day. You need to protect your body from the cold so you don’t develop the flu because of the weather. The combination of trekking and catarrh/ cough isn’t palatable. Save yourself from getting sick by getting a sweater.
  3. Face Hats/Cap: Do not allow the weather you experience in the mornings confuse you. It gets really hot in the afternoon. Protect your face from the sun by getting a face hat. You need to have them in your bag every day. Do not leave your house in the afternoon without taking a face hat because the sun out there isn’t smiling at all.

Health Hacks;

4. Carry A Water Bottle: My brother and sisters the hustle is real, carry a water bottle along to help prevent dehydration, especially for the early birds remember there usually aren’t sachet water hawkers around that early. So help your by carrying a water bottle along to rehydrate or buy one if you already have one. Your body system is susceptible to dehydration when you trek for a long while, especially under the sun.

You need to stay hydrated to maintain your health. The best way to achieve that is by having a bottle of water with you every time you step out. You won’t get tired easily. You can spice it up by getting something crunchy to much on as you ‘walk the walk’.

The last Hack Is For Skin;

5. Skin: With the ban, you automatically have to spend more time in the sun than usual. Do not be caught ‘unfresh’. Save your skin from getting hurt by protecting it from sunburn with sunscreen. This is the best time to double up on your skincare routine. But that doesn’t look feasible because you’ll be very tired from trekking when you get home. You can cover that up with your sunscreen. Apply it 30 minutes before you step out and reapply after 2 hours.

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