Oh Wow! Woman Gives Birth To Third Child In a Taxi

Mum of two identified as Lara Cameron-Cole has made news after she unexpectedly gave birth to her third child in an Uber. According to Metro UK, the baby, a girl, who has since been named Florance, came 5 days earlier just as her mum was been driven to the  hospital after going into labour.Eniola, the husband of the new mum, is said to have called an Uber to their home in New Cross, south-east London. Within minutes after Lara got into the taxi, she gave birth to her daughter who weighed 6lb 8oz. the cab man, 55-year-old Cacaj, then drove all the way to St Thomas’ Hospital where medics were waiting.Speaking on the experience, Lara said; “I’m already a mum-of-two so I thought I knew what to expect, but it was so quick.“The poor Uber driver didn’t know where to look and was trying to get there as quickly as possible without breaking the law.” Cacaj, who only just began the Uber business 6 months before, said:“The lady said ‘it’s coming, it’s coming’ and the next thing she said, ‘the baby is out’ and it was crying.”Photo Credit: Getty


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