Food: Ofada Jollof Rice Is The Sweetheart For The Weekend

Hey KOKOFoodies! It’s been a whole week we saw and talked last, how have you been? How’s Foodmatics and your kitchen, hope you are staying jiggy and on top of the them both. Today, we are coming back to our local cuisine and will be preparing Ofada Jollof Rice.
Last Friday, it was Shredded Beef Sauce all the way from Asian continent down to our African society with so much spice. Coming back home this week, we are exploring the many dishes we can make out of Ofada Rice. We’ve prepared Ofada Fried Rice, as the perfect dish for Detty December, likewise Ofada rice and Ayamatse. Now is the time to take it the jollof way with Ofada Jollof Rice.
Personally, I have not tried the jollof way but did concoction (the semi-jolof, lol) and it turned out to be good, so I believe giving Ofada Jollof Rice a shot will not be a bad idea. Like every other Jollof dishes, Ofada Jollof is packed with tens of nutrients that make it a healthy diet. Putting in other proportions of protein and vitamins, especially coupling the Jollof with vegetable soup (as seen in the featured image) makes the dish a balanced diet. The Ofada Jollof Rice, though can be prepared with the normal recipe of Jollof rice, needs us to combine the local taste of the rice with the intercontinental look of the dish, so here are the ingredients needed, with a slight difference from the normal recipe.Ingredients: Ofada rice, vegetable oil preferably (some use alm oil but that is becoming concoction and not jollof), Locust beans, 6 large Green bell pepper, 5 small Green scotch bonnet, 1 large bulb Onion, 1 medium chopped bulb Onion, Beef, Shaki (tripe) Ponmo (cow skin), Chicken, Turkey, Offals or any other types of meat in preferred amount, Crayfish, Salt, Curry, Thyme, seasoning cubes and Tomato seasoning (or any other seasoning capable of giving the rice the reddish colour)
Wash the peppers and onions and blend in a food processor or blender. Set aside. Wash and boil the beef, tripes, offal and cow skin with seasoning, salt, curry and thyme with enough water for the stock, then fry and set aside. If you don’t want to fry its fine, but fried meat goes best with the jollof, except you are spicing the meats with stew/sauce.In a clean pot, add the vegetable/palm oil, let it heat up on medium heat, add the chopped onions and locust beans and fry till the onions begin to float on the oil. Pour in the pepper, stir it all together, cover it up and allow it to cook until the oil begins to float over the pepper sauce.
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Add beef stock, taste for seasoning, then season with crayfish, salt and the tomato seasoning (or other choice you have to use). Stir and cook for a few minutes. (Tip: If you are not using the beef stock, ensure you use more than the normal amount of seasoning cubes and salt in the fried sauce so that when you pour in water and the rice, the mixture doesn’t lose taste.) Add in the picked and washed ofada rice, cover the pot and cook on low heat for 10 – 15 minutes. (You may add water at intervals if the rice is still hard till its cooked.) Once cooked, your Ofada Jollof Rice Is ready!!! Serve as it is, with the fried or stew/sauce-spiced meats, plantain, vegetable sauce or other things that come to mind. I hope you try this for the weekend and enjoy! See you, next Friday.
Ofada Jollof Rice
Ofada Jollof Rice served with fried shrimps and spiced cow skin (ponmo)
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