Food: Blended Pounded Yam Is The Order Of The Day

Have you ever thought of making pounded yam with your blender? Yes, you heard me right, blender!!! Lol. Gone are those days when pounded yam is best made with mortar and pestle. Poundo yam flour has made life easier but as many complain of not being original enough, technology has advanced, foodies have explored and boom, blender is the new mortar and pestle. Without further ado, let’s get to the root of the matter.FOOD: Blended Pounded Yam Is The Order Of The Day
You need everything like when using mortar and pestle, except that you replace your mortar and pestle with blender. You however need a blender that is powerful enough to make it. Even if your blender has a lower power rating, try it with small quantities of boiled yam cubes at a time and you will be surprised.
How To Make
Slice, peel and wash yam. Cut into smaller pieces then boil till soft. Once soft, put into the blender the quantity it can contain and gbrooom, blend! You do not need water, the blender blades sure comes through for this course.FOOD: Blended Pounded Yam Is The Order Of The Day
Blend for about 5 seconds and you have your smooth pounded yam, the time though, depends on the rating of your blender. You can keep checking it and once it is smooth, stop the blender. No need to leave your blender running for too long because the pounded yam becomes softer and more elastic.
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Pounded yam is best served immediately after preparation because it becomes soft and loses its elasticity over time. Enjoy the cutie with any soup of your choice and thank me later!
FOOD: Blended Pounded Yam Is The Order Of The Day
Poundo yam and White soup
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