Nkateko Dinwiddy Pushes The Boundary For Maternity Style

When a person has a bun in the oven it is expected that you slow things down and cut back on a lot of lifestyle activities but for some women nothing will certainly hold them back and they are willing to push the boundaries and redefine maternity lifestyle. One woman who has redefined the pregnancy style and has pushed a lot of boundaries with her bump is the stunning Nkateko Dinwiddy.
Nkateko Dinwiddy Pushes The Boundary For Maternity Style
Nkateko Dinwiddy Pushes The Boundary For Maternity Style
The dancer and fitness enthusiast said her goal is to create lots of positive vibe and energy for women and to also break down all the boundaries put around pregnancy. If you are searching for a confident and fit preggo lady who is super confident with her bump Nkateko is that lady. All through this pregnancy journey she has shown us radical ways to rock a bump.

A look through her Instagram page shows that Nkateko Dinwiddy is a ball of energy and happy mom to be who s not letting a bump stand in the way of her living her best life. For a lot of mum’s to be she is the perfect energy and friend you need by your side on this journey because she understands what you are going through and will slow you ways to handle it in the most positive way.

1. A yummy Mummy deserves to look sexy

2. Flaunt that bum in a hot lingerie piece.

3. Keep it simple in a lovely top and maternity jeans

4. Don’t let the cold weather cramp your style

5. Talk about a fit mom to be

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