Nigerian Soldier Cries Out After His Girlfriend Marries Another Man While He Was Away

A Nigerian soldier has taken to social media to bemoan his fate as he revealed that his girlfriend of 4-0years just jilted him. According to him, they started dating 4 years ago but he had to go way to fight the Boko Haram insurgency, causing them not to speak for 2-years. Upon waking up today, he saw her wedding photos online. In his words; We started dating 4yrs ago ad i went away fr 2years without coming home.she never told me she cld’nt wait anymore.i was hoping on coming home Smeday ad make her smile again.but i woke up dis morning with pictures of her wedding…dame,i cried o but i gotta be a man fr myself,hrtbreak ain’t allowed here..” Photo Credit: Getty


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