Nigerian Activists Just Wan Chop – Joey Akan

Controversial Nigerian journalist Joey Akan has slammed Nigerian activists, saying they only want something passe to them and that activism in Nigeria is just vibes.

Joey Akan said this in a tweet he shared on the bird app, Twitter, which’s operations in Nigeria has been banned by the Federal Government.Nigerian Activists Just Wan Chop - Joey AkanAccording to him, Nigerians have resorted to believe in activists as heroes just because the alternative to that it hopelessness. “Activism for Nigeria na vibes”, he began. “Everyone you see screaming ‘we no go gree’ up and down either have back deals, or they are g nning for a seat at the table. &eta Everybody wan chop. Everybody wants a shot at the cake. And activism is just one path to fill up pockets.”

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Adding that the nation is littered with trajectories, he added  that Nigerians have enough public examples, both the new activist  that sprung up from the previous year and the old ones. “Our history, even on Twitter is littered with these trajectories. You guys have enough public examples to point to here. The many others, even the new ones from last year, Na the same format. But we choose to believe in heroes. Because the alternative is to be hopeless”, he added.

Joey Akan
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