New Boyfriend Dies In The Hands Of Jealous Ex Boyfriend

A photograph provoked the jealousy of a lady’s ex-boyfriend has led to the murder of her new lover.
Sarah Bramley, 29, sent her jealous ex-boyfriend a photo of her performing a sex act on her new lover,  which enraged the ex boyfriend as he went on to stab the new lover to death.
Her new boyfriend, Michael Lawson, was described as a kind individual, but the lady insensitive led to Lawson’s being stabbed to death.

Both Sarah and Saunders were drinking as they exchanged unpleasant texts that night and into the early hours, and Saunders threatened to go round to attack Mr. Lawson. The argument continued and Saunders sent a female friend of Sarah Bramley – who was with her at the time – a video of him and his ex having sex.

The video did not go well with Saunder as he determines to kill Michael and he stab the new boo to death. Jealousy at it peak.
Photo Credit: Getty

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