Friday, May 27, 2022

Naked Dining Is The Bizarre New Internet Trend…Will You Be Stripping Off To Have Your Meals Too?

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Social media and the internet is generally very useful and set trends across the world. Yet, often the bizarre things and findings on the net can be dumbfounding. The next trend making rounds is one that see diners stripping off in a new trend called naked dining.Saucy snaps are doing the rounds online of people flashing in packed restaurants while other customers chow done oblivious to their antics. Pictures show girls exposing their boobs across their table. Their naked displays have been snapped in pubs, coffee shops and eateries all over the world.Pictures range from subtle flashes to brazen exposure, with one girl standing up in a crowded diner and flipping the middle finger to the camera. A pair of cheeky pals even teamed up for the craze, with a not-so-subtle display, ripping their shirts open for all to see.So far it seems to be mostly women baring all, with guys seemingly more interested in the menu. Photo Credit: Getty

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