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My Only Sin In PDP Was That I Refused To Castigate Buhari – Dave Umahi

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Recently defected former PDP Governor of Ebonyi State, Dave Umahi who is now officially an APC member as confirmed by him and his quarters on Tuesday, November 17, in a statement has disclosed that while he was in PDP his biggest and only sin was that he never criticised President Muhammadu Buhari. Dave Umahi

Governor Dave Umahi who said just as he will never castigate the PDP even though he has left the party just as he never did of the President while he was in the PDP because he that is in the character of his family, while noting that he is from a famous wealth family and so he is a man of character and doesn’t intend to soil his family’s name and character in the mud.

Gov Dave Umahi further cleared his name of being an informant who leaked information out of PDP to the APC, saying people from both parties could attest that he never did such and never will.

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The Governor said;

“Every man runs his destiny. One thing I have promised is that I will never castigate PDP; just like in PDP, my only sin is that I refused to castigate Mr President and till thy kingdom come, I will not do that because that is my family character.
“But those who don’t have character, they were very suspicious of me because I don’t castigate the President, that I could be leaking information of PDP.
“What nonsense is that? I came from a known family and a place where there is character. So, I have got a character; nobody either in APC or PDP will say that whoever discusses anything, I have to go and leak it. To leak it for what? Is it for money, is it for fame?”
Dave Umahi who stated that he has no regret affirmed that he is contended with being a two-term governor.

He added;

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“Let it be known to all that nobody promised me anything, let it be known to all that I moved because of injustice, and I have no regret about that.
“Some people say I will regret this movement, I laugh at them; as if they saw God, as if they are my God. I am satisfied being a businessman, I am satisfied doing my businesses and that is all.”

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