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My Life Story: There Was A Time She Took 42 Injections Because Of SS Crisis – Joy Omowunmi’s Sister

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Sarah Sani the elder to sickle cell survivor and first-class graduate, Joy Omowuni has come out to reveal on My Life Story, how Joy at a point was given 42 injections because of the SS crisis.
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In an exclusive interview with KOKO TV on KOKO Docuseries; My Life Story, Sarah stated that at a point everyone called Joy 42 because she took 42 injections and she dusted it. Joy’s sister made it known that Joy’s strength is one thing that she has come emulate because she is indeed a strong lady.
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Sarah said this on My Life Story when she was asked how Joy’s health has impacted her life, she said Growing up we didn’t know, we didn’t really understand the nature of her health, nobody really knew what it was back then, we just knew that she used to fall sick a lot, she used to go to the hospital a lot, she  used to talk injections a lot. There was a time she was very sick and she had to take 42 injections and we were even making jokes about it, we gave her a nickname, we used to call her 42 because she tool everything and you know she dusted it, she was such a strong baby. But as we were all growing up the hospital times kept getting frequent and more frequent because she was growing, she was walking and she was going to school, so I think the stress level started to increase and it made her go to the hospital a lot, and hence it was affecting everyone of us. The moment we hear that she is sick or she has to be in the hospital we’re all down.
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Sometimes I’m at work and I have to stop work and rush to wherever she is, if she’s in class, if she’s in her hostel, anywhere she is even if she’s home then we have to find a way to take her to the hospital. So those moments were a bit tough and challenging, you basically have to stop your life and try to attend to that at that moment because you don’t want to lose her, you don’t want to also regret for the rest of your life that you were doing something and that’s why you didn’t show up.
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So you always have to be there, you always, you know, so it was a bit tough for everyone of us, but, and there’s no getting used to it, I can’t even say we got used to it, there’s no, we just keep praying that the crisis doesn’t come up, at some point it was coming every month we had to be in one hospital or the other every month and then some hospital services were not very good, I can’t mention some names now but you know it was not something you pray for even your enemy to go through. Everyone of us, my mum, my dad, my sisters all of us we have to stop; sometimes, we rotate the hospital shift, who will be there in the morning, who’ll be there at night, who’ll be there this day, that day, you know, it wasn’t very easy for us. Watch the interview here;
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