Muslimah Style: Saima & Saba Are The Sisters Taking Modesty To The Next Level

Saima & Saba Khan are fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers known for showcasing amazing hijab styles on their media platforms. Saima owns a cotton hijab line which she models for along with her identical sister. They both have a YouTube channel where they share videos of how to style the hijab, giving their followers ideas and insights on the best way to nail their hijab for different occasions and events.

Regularly posting their look to their Instagram page, the sisters opt for flowy maxi skirts, dungarees, and pretty abayas which they rock with their amazing cotton hijab, although a visit to Saba’s personal Instagram page may show us some pictures of her not wearing a hijab.

Photo Credit: saimascorner


  1. These two girls seem more like models. However, they are somehow following the Islamic guidelines as they have covered their heads in every picture. Anyway, I am desperate to see them wearing modest maxi dresses.

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