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Music Review: Tems Sheds Light Into Her Unique Personae On The EP ‘If Orange Was A Place’

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Talented singer and songwriter, Temilade Openiyi popularly known as Tems has dropped her second extended play titled If Orange Was A Place. This comes a year and some days after she released her debut extended play, For Broken Ears.
tems if orange was a place
On this body of work, she has just one feature and that is International star Brent Faiyaz and they made magic. The track that opens this EP is Crazy Tings and its opening beat makes us want to sit and listen. Here she speaks about a particular someone trying to take advantage of her, but she is smart enough to know that he is not the right person for her. She reinforced this in the song where she sang saying, If you need somebody’s craze
You fit chop somebody’s craze. If Orange Was A Place reveals the different sides of her person, and we can’t but smile at the fact that she is a big girl, who knows what is good for her, and what she wants; as she explains on Crazy Tings.
Her humility oozes out through her beats and rhythm and it just makes us love her more. On the track, Found, she features Brentz Faiyaz and the combo of these two is worth listening to. First, the rare texture of her voice is a very good contrast to that of Brentz. Tems talks about her struggle with her love interest, as she weighs her options if she should let herself fall for him. She also makes it known that she has found herself irrespective of all that is going on, and so she has come to know that love is a difficult life. With Orange being her best fruit, this EP gives an insider’s view into the life of this amazing singer. Replay is a power breaker as she announces here, that she is indeed a force to reckon with. Her first line, Oh, my voice is a mystery never sounded so right, my gawd.
Tems lets us in on her arrest with Omah Lay back in Uganda and how she will do what she did again. This singer has grown in her style and delivery and that is worth commending. The addition of pidgin English in each and every one of her songs is a unique spice that only the raw texture of her voice makes sound so exotic. The track Replay again sheds light on Tems herself, and the struggles she has gone through especially from people. She doesn’t just tell us of her struggles, but she makes known how she has overcome them, and how she is doing better than ever now. She really deserves to be on replay.
As much as she is now everywhere, the talented singer has revealed on the track, Avoid Things that there are still something that she tries to avoid. Here she talks about how she is trying to avoid her love interest because he doesn’t seem apologetic for offending her. The particular offense, we can’t tell, but she makes it clear that she will not be taken advantage of because she will not sit and play his mind games. The final track that brings this musical journey to an end is Vibe Out. This track is a ‘get ready let’s go’ song and it in itself is ginger to take that step. Tems makes it clear that no matter how anyone makes her feels, she will not be taking in any negative energy. A perfect ending that could never have been better.
Final Thoughts
Tems If Orange Was A Place showcases her unique way of singing which is in alternate R&B Afrobeats style and it is just amazing. The African feel present in her songs reiterates her African roots and that has garnered her more love and a huge fanbase. For this unique body of work, she gets a 7/10 and Tems is indeed a star that is shooting beyond the sky.
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