Murder: Woman Kills Her Neighbour In Lagos

The Lagos state police command has arrested an abusive lady identified as Uche for reportedly stabbing her neighbour to death during a fight at her residence. The incident happened at Oke ira, Ajah, Lagos this morning. Murder: Woman Kills Her Neighbour In Lagos 1The woman accoridng to reports is known to always verbally abuse her neighbours. Some eyewitnesses said that a heated argument started at about 5a.m today fter the suspect began to sing abusive songs directed at the victim while she was brushing her teeth. The victim reportedly ignored her which further irked the suspect. Murder: Woman Kills Her Neighbour In Lagos 1 She then proceeded to splash dirty water at the exact place the lady was brushing, which caused the victim to react. The husband of the deceased reportedly cautioned her before he went out to work after both women got into a verbal exchange but Uche eventually stabbed the lady in the stomach while she was taking her kids to the bathroom which led to her death. Murder: Woman Kills Her Neighbour In Lagos 1



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