Wednesday, October 20, 2021

I Put Petrol On Her And Walked Away – Karabo Mokoena’s Boyfriend Reveals How He Killed Her

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A high court in Johannesburg on Wednesday heard how Sandile Mantsoe, the boyfriend of deceased Karabo Mokoena, killed and disposed of her body. In his words; “I put petrol on her and then I walked away.”  Mantsoe, a forex trader is being tried for brutally murdering his 22-year-old girlfriend Mokoena in April last year.

Colonel Andre de Klerk testified, one of the police officers on the case told the court how Mantsoe told them how he eventually disposed of his girlfriend’s body. De Klerk said the accused had first taken them to his luxury Sandton apartment, where according to him, he had found Mokoena’s body. Mantsoe was quoted as saying; “I put her in the back of my car.” He added he had used a dustbin to carry the body from his apartment to his car, parked in the basement. He then took officers to a BP garage on Grayston Drive in Sandton. He said:

“This is the garage where I bought the petrol to burn Karabo’s body’‚” De Klerk, reading from the noes he took from Mantsoe on that day. The next stop was his mother’s house, where he said he took a tyre and pool acid from the shed. He then took the police officers to a ditch in the middle of a dumping area in Lyndhurst‚ saying he was familiar with the area. “I rolled her body in with the tyre around her. She was facing the road. I then put petrol on her and then I walked away.” Mantsoe, who is a father of three, but estranged from his wife said he had come home to find his on and off girlfriend’s body. She had stabbed herself in the neck, and in a bid not to be accused of her mother, he had disposed of her body. Mokgaetji Mahwete‚ another police officer had however earlier testified saying Mantsoe had said Mokoena needed to die so they could end a blood ritual they entered so as to boost his business dealings. He added that Mantsoe claimed his business began to suffer upon him and the deceased ending their relationship, so to fix this‚ a sacrifice had to be made which ended up being Mokoena‚ Mahwete told the court. Mantsoe has denied these allegations and pled not guilty to the charges of ”premeditated murder.” 

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