Most Of Your Nollywood Celebrities Sleep With Different Men For Money – Daddy Freeze

Controversial media man Daddy Freeze is shaking a major table online after he took to IG to advise that people not follow the lifestyle of some of the celebrities online as they have to sleep their way into living the lavish lifestyle they live now.Nigerian women need to hear this. Stop following Instagram and Nollywood ‘high maintenance’ celeb role models, who sleep with wealthy and influential men for business class trips, G-Wagons, Hermès bags and Rolex watches while giving credit to God for their ‘blessings’.
God is NOT a pimp! Get your own jobs, add value to your lives and stop feeling entitled to wealth you did not create! ~FRZ Sharing a video of a young woman who advised women to stop seeing the boyfriends as their ‘bill-payer,’ Freeze wrote;

Photo Credit: Daddy Freeze


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