Monkeys Invade Gbagada Area Of Lagos State, Forcing Residents To Run Away

Residents of Soluyi/Sosanya Community in Gbagada, Lagos, were stunned by the most unlikely suspects today as a troop of monkeys from a nearby natural habitat forced the citizens to flee the community.
Residents of the community claimed that they have been plagued by the monkeys on several occasions.
In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN), the Chairman of the community’s Landlord Association, Mr Adigun Olaleye, said that it had become difficult for the residents to endure the destructive attitude of the monkeys. He claimed that efforts to get the attention of the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture have been futile thus far.
Recounting his ordeal with the monkeys, one of the residents said: “On several occasions, these monkeys have destroyed our kitchen nets to gain entrance and steal food items. Several traps have been set to capture and kill these demonic animals to no avail.
“One of my neighbours, while trying to pour chemical on a monkey, fell in the bowl of the chemical; she had to be rushed to a hospital. She still lives with the scars from the unfortunate incident,” he concluded.
Photo Credit: Getty

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