How To Know Someone Who Has Done Money Ritual – Herbalist Reveals

money ritual
Nigerian herbalist Prince Atoyebi Sunday Adetiloye has come out to reveal the signs and how to know people who have done money rituals via the consequences.
money ritual
On the final episode of KOKO TV’s docuseries, the herbalist stated that when you see the certain ways some people die and the situation they are going through, you will know that that individual has done money ritual using human parts and now is paying for his or her actions.
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He gave instances of people who have done money rituals and they don’t last up to 5 years, or some that their parents did money rituals but the children are now maids because the parent used the glory of the children.
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When asked if there are any repercussions for yahoo boys who do money rituals he replied saying, Those that share in this repercussion are much, it’s not only yahoo boys that will share or partake in this repercussion, if God is punishing them for example, a young guy doing yahoo and he runs mad, they are much around my town here. We could see some that their own is their are getting lean, we could see some that trailer will just come and hit them, we could also see some that used their mother, they are beginning to see the repercussion of using human parts for yahoo. i.e their judgement didn’t take too long. I have not seen any yahoo guy that has been doing it for straight 15years, as for me I have not seen, or even 40 years. If he manages he would use 5 or 6 years and then the money finishes and he begins to beg or they would become useless. For example, there is one I know about, the first money he made was N50million. Of recent, I was talking to his grandmother and he was requesting for N60,000 to buy cassava plantation, this boy I am talking about he is not up to 25 years old. Then he was using any car of his choice, then he didn’t reign up to 3 years that is another repercussion. But what drove some people into doing yahoo plus, those they used their Eleda will not rest. So there is no good repercussion for anyone that does yahoo plus. I am not talking about anyone that does the normal yahoo, that doesn’t involve any human, you know we have more than one another. Watch the video below;

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