Michelle Obama Reveals That Her Marriage To Barack Wasn’t Always Rosy

Former first lady of US, Michelle Obama has revealed that her marriage was not always a walk in the park as there were turbulent times, especially after her daughters were born.
Michelle Obama
She said that it took a number of therapy sessions to power her with the truth that she was responsible for her happiness and not her husband.
In her words, “It taught me that I was responsible for my own happiness. I did not marry Barack for him to make me happy. No one can make me happy.
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If I am going to show up equal in this partnership, I have to be able to make myself happy and so I had to stop focusing on what he was not doing and start thinking about how …”
She further said her husband remains her love despite the troubles they have heard.
“We went through a tough time, we did some hard things together. But now we are out on the other end and I can look at him and I still recognise my husband. He is still the man I fell in love with.”
Barack and Michelle Obama
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