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Melanin Beauty! 10 Stunning Images Of Jackie Appiah That Will Mesmerise You

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Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah is one of the few African stars that oozes true melanin beauty.

Ghanaian star, Jackie Appiah,

Jackie Appiah

is one lady whose beauty is natural, beautiful and curvaceous. Jackie, who is regarded as one of Ghana’s best actresses turned 36 yesterday December 5, 2019. Jackie’s natural glowing skin epitomises the true beauty of an African woman and we showcase 10 stunning images that buttresses this fact.

Jackie was born on December 5, 1983, in Canada.

Early life: Appiah is the last of five children. She was born in Toronto and spent her early childhood in Canada, and moved to Ghana with her mother at age 10. She is popularly known by her maiden name, Appiah. Appiah married Peter Agyemang in 2005 and has one son. Appiah’s father is Kwabena Appiah (the younger brother of the late Joe Appiah, a famous lawyer in Kumasi) currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Career as an actress: Appiah’s appearance on the screen became regular when she was invited by Edward Seddoh Junior, the writer of Things We Do For Love where she played the role of Enyonam Blagogee. She later took part in Tentacles, Games People Play, Sun-city, and many other TV series. Appiah remembers herself as being very shy the first time she went on set, “It was a Venus Film Production titled Divine Love and I had to play the role of Kate, the protagonist. I didn’t believe I did too good. I fumbled but, many people did not notice it.” Despite her nervousness, the first-timer said she succeeded in impressing everyone.

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Appiah says her best part was in Mummy’s Daughter by Venus Films. The film tells the story of the Bartels Family where she played the role of Princess, the daughter. “I loved how I acted and I was happy with the role I played”.Appiah now sees the local film industry as having changed for the better. She thinks that others will see its ultimate success.

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Nollywood breakthrough and success: Appiah was already known to Nollywood through her many successful Ghanaian films including Beyoncé – The President Daughter, Princess Tyra, Passion of the Soul, Pretty Queen, The Prince’s Bride, The King is Mine and The Perfect Picture.

Her notable Nollywood films include Black Soul and Bitter Blessing, alongside Nollywood actor Ramsey Noah and My Last Wedding, alongside Nollywood actor Emeka Ike.

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