Sunday, August 7, 2022

Meet Savage Trap Queen Nigerian Adult Film Star

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Ededey Eworitsemogha Joy, known as Savage Trapqueen has quit the adult film industry. The ex porn star, who was made popular by her pidgin interview with BBC in an interview with Potpourri aired the reasons she had  to call it quits with the industry, while also giving an insight to the industry most people are not even aware exists.

Savage Trapqueen
Savage Trapqueen

“ I quit when I came to realise my family didn’t consent to it. The society, rivalry from my former colleagues, the pay, and I was a victim of assault. So, all these factors discouraged me from being in the profession. Her answer, instead of explaining her statement raised more questions.

As she didn’t say why the family allowed her to go into it in the first place and what kind of rivalry she had with her colleagues.

“ Well, my family was never aware I was into pornography. They knew I had passion for modelling, being a video vixen  and  an actress, they had no clue of  my going into porn. They only got to know after my BBC interview, so it came as a shock to them and I knew due to my family values they were never going to consent to it.

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I actually felt I could derive fame and also be financially independent but the porn industry in Nigeria pays poorly,” she said.

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On rivalry with colleagues, she said, “There were jealousy, beefs and threats. They accused me of trying to occupy their spot, you know, ladies thing. They felt I was younger, with a nice skin, I speak well and they consider me pretty, so most times, they always wanted to gang up against me and I heard them saying they would ruin my pretty face.

In a nutshell most of the ladies I was working with felt insecure.” Savage Trapqueen said her dream now is to break into the mainstream Nollywood but it hasn’t been a stroll in the park for her. Photo Credit: Getty

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