Mayweather: I Did Not Train For Conor McGregor Fight, I Only Did Push-ups

Floyd Mayweather has claimed “push-ups and sit-ups” were the main source of his training before beating boxing novice Conor McGregor.

The ring legend officially retired in 2017 after beating UFC star McGregor in ten rounds in what was an unprecedented crossover fight. Mayweather, now 42, was competing for the first time in two years but he was not fazed by the knockout power his opponent was showcasing in the cage.
The American gave away some of the opening rounds, taking the occasional left hand or pawing jab, before stepping on the gas and stopping an exhausted McGregor who, despite amateur experience, was boxing as a pro for the first time.

Such was Mayweather’s pre-fight confidence, he insists only the occasional boxing session and some home workouts prepared him to face McGregor in Las Vegas.

He said: “For Conor McGregor, I didn’t really train. All I did was do push-ups and sit-ups. That’s all I did. Push-ups and sit-ups, box a few times, hit the bag a few times. Because, actually, the training camp was in different places. I would do a training camp in Vegas a few days. Sometimes I wouldn’t go to the gym for a week. I took it serious. Like I said before, I wanted to have some fun in the fight. I wanted to entertain the people.”Photo Credit: Getty

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