Married Teacher, 26, Admits ‘Having Sex With Four Teenage Students’ – Two Of Them On The Same Day

A married art teacher has admitted to having sex with four of her students – two of them on the same day. Jessie Lorene Goline, 26, slept with the four boys between January and April 2016, told one of the boys how good he looked in class – and sent him a photo of her in a thong.Jessie Goline, 26, was sentenced to 42 months’ probation and must also register as a sex offender after her admission. The Arkansas high school teacher was arrested in September after authorities were alerted to reports she had sexual relationships with several pupils. She reportedly told school officials she had sex with four pupils, including two in one night. One of the teens was under the age of 18 at the time.The former art teacher claimed she believed he was 18, but later found him to be “way younger than what he had told her”, according to court records. All the alleged sexual relationships took place between January and April of 2016, cops said. The pupils said they started texting Goline and their conversations became sexual over time. One victim said the former teacher sent him photos of her in a thong and sent him sexually explicit messages. Another pupil claimed Goline sent him a text asking him to come to her house and that they later had sex. He said a third pupil was at her flat that same night.Photo Credit: Getty


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