Friday, July 1, 2022

Macron Should Have Been Bombed In Kyiv – Putin’s State TV Suggests

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Russian state TV has mocked French and German leaders for visiting Kyiv with one hardline MP shockingly claiming the Kremlin should have targeted them with bombs.

Pro-Putin propagandist TV anchor Yevgeny Popov ridiculed the briefing held by the leaders Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz, along with Italian premier Mario Draghi, as proof that there was no war but only a limited Russian military operation in Ukraine .

Showing footage from Kyiv, he said: “The briefing of all these European leaders and Zelensky begins…

“Right opposite the [parliament] in Kyiv, close to Bankovaya. Not that I am giving coordinates for [bombing]…”

Nationalist MP Aleksey Zhuravlyov asked: “And why not…?”

Popov – also a pro-Kremlin MP – replied: “No, no, of course not.

“My point is that Kyiv is an absolutely safe city. This is an open site.”

He claimed the air raid sirens that accompanied the leaders’ visit were staged for the European media.

“Of course, they arranged for a theatre-like siren, which wasn’t followed by a single shot,” he said.

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“It’s a live broadcast, and none of them is threatened.

“And they are saying this is a war. A war, they say.”

Popov insisted it was “[only] a special operation, not a war”.

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He said: “If this was a war, there would be no live broadcast from here .”

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