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Love At First Sight: Is It Real Or Does It Only Happen In The Movies

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Have you ever dreamt of walking past an attractive stranger and your eyes locked? Before you know it, you’re off to your dreamy honeymoon and live happily thereafter!

Well, I have. And disappointing to say it has never happened. And to be totally honest, I’m yet to meet someone it has happened to.

At some point, many of us pictured ourselves experiencing that instant connection with someone else. You even wondered if suddenly you’ll accidentally bump into the love of your life and something magical would happen to pull you together.

When it comes to real life though, things happen differently. And that has left many who hoped prince charming would one day show up, disappointed.

Still, the question of how love at first sight actually happens or whether it’s real in the first place lingers in our minds. If it’s real, can it actually lead to anything substantial?

These six points will attempt to demystify all you need to know about it.

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It doesn’t happen like the movies…sort of: 
Believe it or not, some people have actually said that what they experienced was love at first sight. Of course there were no melodious birds singing in the background but, for them, the experience was almost surreal.

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Well, I guess you could say that a more realistic experience with your prince charming could be coming your way soon. But if you’ve been watching too many romantic soaps recently, you might need to slow down a little to manage your expectations.
Hormones could be the main culprit: The hormones in our bodies strongly influence how we see the world and how we feel at a particular time.

That means you could literally be under the influence of your hormones when you think what you’re experiencing is something extremely unique.

Looks also matter: Aside from hormones, looks play a huge role with this concept. Chances of it happening are even higher when you’re both attractive people.

So, now you might have a clue why you suddenly fell in love at first glance with that hot guy you never even talked to at the restaurant.

Most of the time it’s not mutual: Unfortunately, you’ll mostly find that one person’s experience isn’t anything close to what the other person did.

In this case, studies have shown that the overpowering feeling of attraction will likely be experienced by one party and not both.

It’s led to serious relationships and marriages: 
Stories of successful relationships that surround love at first sight aren’t common. However, there are those couples that have actually pursued the initial connection they had, all the way to marriage.

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This rarely happens but, you’ll find a few success stories out there. So who knows, you may that exception to the rule.

You shouldn’t always trust your feelings: 
We often don’t recognize how our emotional state affects us when it comes to romantic experiences. For example, if you’ve been lonely for a long time, you could subconsciously be longing for that amazing experience with someone else and instantly assume you’re in love with a stranger.

You have to be careful because you could find yourself believing that you’ve just met your soulmate when in real sense you’re interacting with someone who is planning to prey on your weaknesses. Worse still he or she could be married and they were just acting cordial towards you.

You simply don’t have to pursue someone every time you ‘feel’ you’re experiencing love at first sight. Be aware of your emotional state and let the feelings pass.
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