Monday, October 25, 2021

Lifestyle: Is Depression A Mental Disease Or Just A Play Of Emotions?

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It is common for people feeling depressed to hide it from friends and family, sometimes even from themselves. They often put on a mask, lying to themselves that all is well. Depression is not just having a bad day and it is not an emotion. Depression is also not an “illness” in the same sense as the flu, or diabetes.
Depression is actually due to a “chemical imbalance in the brain” but not a brain disease. This is caused by a combination of factor or occurrence like trauma, grief, family history or loss. Depression is a series of behaviours, motivated by strong emotions, that result in a person being stuck in a deeply painful, hopeless mood or state, leading to withdrawal, isolation, and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. Depressed people believe themselves to be worthless and have hopelessness for the future.They lack the ability to feel pleasure. If you have a friend or family going through depression, never try cheering them up or tell them to get over it because if they could, they would. This tends to worsen their mood. Do not try to ask them what is wrong because they do not know and even if they know, they would not say. Assist them to get some help without telling them what they should do to get better. Show them love and support without having to tell them they are depressed because it might hurt them.Photo Credit: Getty

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