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Pornography Is My Calling, I Enjoy Monetising My Fornication Digitally – Nigerian Porn Star KrissyJoh

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Christian John popularly known as Krissyjoh Chris is a Nigerian Adult film star and producer currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a native of Abak Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. He has produced movies like Amaka Disappoint Me, Balanced Sin.  Krissyjoh Chris

KOKO Tv caught up with KrissyJoh for an interview where we discussed a number of topical issues, from what it entails to be an adult film star, why he joined the industry, and what it feels like to now be known as international porn movie star. KrissyJoh even gave tips on how Nigerians can continue to have sex during these Coronavirus times and still stay safe at it. Here below are his responses to our questions;

  1. Why are you into pornography? I’m into pornography because it’s my profession.
  2. Why did you pick this profession? I picked the profession because it suits me. Besides, it’s my calling.
  3. How and why did you start being a pornstar? I started in 2016 with softcore porn but fully ventured into the porn industry with hardcore videos in 2018. I started acting porn because I realised I was good at it. Naturally, I love adult entertainment.
  4. Describe what you love/enjoy most about your job? There is nothing as interesting as catching fun at the same time making money out from it, so I enjoy monetising my fornication digitally instead of wasting it.
  5. Would you still be a porn star if you don’t get paid? No! If I don’t get paid what’s the essence of acting it? I do it for money and fame not for fun. So I can’t act if I’m not paid.
  6. How profitable is being a porn star? It’s lucrative, especially when you are an actor and a producer.
  7. As people are forced to stay home, many of them are turning to pornography and that means more money and roles for you, doesn’t it? No, because the lockdown does not allow us to go for production.
  8. Do you have any shoots running? No, I respect law. Since the Government has given order that everyone should stay at home I can’t go against the law, so I can’t shoot for now till the lockdown is over. It’s just a matter of time everything will be alright.

    Krissyjoh on Set of Amaka Disappoint me
  9. Coronavirus porn is trending, what’s your take on that? It is not only Coronavirus porn that is trending, everything about Coronavirus is trending. There are so many movies, comedy skits and music about Coronavirus that is trending, so I think it’s normal, let it keep trending because there is time for everything.
  10. Do you ensure your safety in pornography and at this critical time? Yes of course. Before the lockdown commenced, I shot a video titled Corona Sex, I used the video to educate people on how to prevent themselves from being infected during sex at this critical time, in that video I and the actress used nose mask, surgical gloves and condom. At this time, the recommended sex position is doggy style.
  11. Do you take your job off the camera, for instance, having fans/people who love your activities and then engage you to do it in reality? Offers like that comes but I usually turn them down, I’m am adult movie actor I’m not a womanizer or sex machine, I have limit.
  12. How has the Coronavirus affected you – negatively or positively? Negatively, because I had an adult movie contract in Brazil but everything is cancelled due to Coronavirus.
  13. Many Nigerians still think Coronavirus is unreal, what do you think? I’m convinced it’s real, but so many people are still doubting it, I don’t know if they are waiting for their family member to be infected before they believe it’s real. I pray they shouldn’t experience it.
  14. Do you have any personal or relatable experience of Coronavirus? Not really.
  15. Who are your role model(s)? Afrocandy, Rico Strong and Mia Khalifa
  16. So how have you been fairing with the lockdown? Cool, I always adapt to situations.
  17. Describe your pre-coronavirus and coronavirus financial status – broke, almost broke, can never be broke, rich.: Can never be broke.
  18. How have you been spending the lockdown period – any routine or boo by the side? Just on low key, I’ve minimized everything.
  19. What do you miss most as a result of the outbreak? I missed traveling to Brazil, it’s so painful, those white porn actresses were really eager to see me.
  20. What do you think of the Nigerian Government efforts at tackling the virus, so far? The government have tried their best, let them keep trying, let them do their best and leave the rest for God.

  21. If you’re the president, what three steps would you have put in place? 1, I would lockdown everywhere and restrict movement just as Buhari did. 2, I would disburse tangible cash to all citizens to sustain till the lockdown is over. 3, I would share nose mask and gloves to all citizens free
  22. What ideas of things to do/routine do you want to share with your fans during this lockdown? I’ve already shared my idea via the 2 videos I recently shoot “Corona Sex and Corona Threesome”, let them go and watch. I think they will learn so many things from it. The videos are available on and xvideos.
  23. What will you love to change about the porn industry in Nigeria? There is no regulator in our porn industry, so I want us to have regulator like America, France, Brazil, Canada, Italy etc. In Nigeria, somebody will just wakeup and start shooting porn without knowing the rules and regulations which is bad. In Porn industry, there is always terms and conditions, if you don’t follow it you might end up regretting. I think if we have regulator it will help limit so many unnecessary acts and will also help standardize Nigerian Porn Industry. 

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