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KOKOnista Of The Day: Nikita Guy Is The Melanin Beauty Who Has Taken The Internet By Storm

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Nikita Guy, a Trinidadian model who has stormed the internet, you’ve probably already seen him somewhere on the internet. She is named after Nikita Guy, a photographic model of Trinidad and Tobago.

Nikita never planned to be a model, she was always the quiet and collected girl who never did anything with the limelight. 
She started modeling recently in August 2015 when a photographer J. Hamilton contacted her and offered her a shoot.
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She thought it was a crazy idea since there were other tall, thin girls with whom he could have chosen to work. A few years ago she was a chubby girl but decided to go to the gym to lose weight. Who could have imagined that this would help him to be noticed by his future collaborator! 
After she lost weight critics speculated that her new body was not real. When it comes to her curves do not miss she is not afraid to show what has been blessed to her, which was not the case before. 
Her Instagram is dotted with her sexy photos of lingerie shots mainly in the woods.

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Nikita Guy appears as a sweet, thoughtful girl with big dreams. 
To be born on an island as beautiful as Trinidad is in itself a blessing, but from what we understand, it takes what life has offered it. What was once an uncertain decision became a big deal for her. She turned down Hamilton who insisted that he could work with her because he saw something in her. She was afraid of the body shame that followed the stereotype that models are supposed to be skinny was a major obstacle at the beginning of her journey.

Photo Credit: JHamilton, Getty

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