KOKOnista Of The Day: Mmatema Moremi Is The Definition Of Resilience And Determination

Mmatema Moremi is the definition of resilience. She auditioned thrice before getting into SA Idols. She never gives up; even after her loss in the famous competition, she has pushed on with her music and is doing phenomenally well.

Mmatema Moremi is an inspiration to every young girl out there who has a passion for singing and is willing to go to great lengths to realize their dream.

Mmatema Moremi was born and raised in Zebeidelia, Limpopo, to Disego Moremi and Lucky Moraila. Her teachers identified her talent for singing as early as pre-school; she sang at the morning assembly.

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When she was only 10 years old, she crashed a band performance and sang in front of the entire Zebeidelia community. Word of the girl with the golden voice went round, and she began getting bookings for weddings, ceremonies, etc.

She attended the Dereke Kobe secondary school and began to get a lot of attention for her singing abilities. She later joined the Matladi secondary school, where she started making covers of her favourite artists’ songs and experimenting with various backtracks. This entire time her folks did not support her pursuing a full-time career in music. She only went full-time into music after leaving her parents’ house.

When she joined the Tshwane University of Technology to pursue a bachelor’s in technology, she joined the Reflex Raise, a choir. She decided to leave them and enter a more prominent choir, Tshwane Gospel Choir.

The budding star auditioned for the 9th season of South African Idols and surprisingly was cut on the first try. She did not give up on her dream to be on the show, and she tried again for the tenth season but only reached the group stage and did not proceed further.

She gave it one more shot in 2015, and after one fantastic audition, she became South Africa’s sweetheart. Her first performance was a cover of Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper. The judges were floored, and from that moment, her career trajectory changed forever.

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