KOKOnista Of The Day: Fennella Miller Makes Our Hearts Skip

Fennella Miller is a Sierra Leonean model, blogger and creative entrepreneur. She was inspired by the style expertise and fashion knowledge of her African parents while growing up as little girl, informing her deep interest in the cultural and spiritual meaning of clothing.Fennella uses fashion, arts and media as a way to communicate and convey positive messages that uplift her generation. Since her college days, our KOKOnista has always been recognized as a fashion influencer which might be what encouraged her to start her first online store, blogging, starting a jewelry line, modeling, turning her freshman dorm room into a boutique and more while still in school.Going against the norms of post-college life, Fennella has decided not to thread the conventional line but rather cultivate her own career from her creative gifts and media expertise. She still plans on honing her gifts in fashion, media, writing and entrepreneurship in the future.Photo Credit: Fennella Miller

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