Saturday, October 16, 2021

KOKO Weddings: 5 Key Points For Choosing A Muslim Bride’s Dress

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For a while now, our focus has been on our muslim brides and today we will continue in that fashion. Contrary to what many may believe, a muslim bride is not so different from her counterpart around the world because she wants one thing every other bride wants; to look good on her wedding day. This begins from the most important outfit- the wedding dress. To any bride, the wedding dress has to make a statement and for any muslim bride out there who might still be on the hunt for her own, here are 5 things to consider
Decency: As expected of any muslim lady, decency is the most important criteria for choosing any clothing item. It is expedient that you consider your religious obligations especially if your Nikah would be done following islamic rights. Usually a long sleeves dress with a demure neckline should be perfectly but you can look for further detailing on your dress based on your taste. Of course you won’t forget your Hijab.
Think Comfort: As we usually say, we love our brides looking elegant but comfortably so. When picking your outfit, consider the fit and make sure you are absolutely comfortable in it. You don’t want to be itching to get out of such a special outfit on your special day.
Be Trendy: With the variety of styles, cuts, fabric and design available in muslim bridal wear, you don’t have to be limited in your choices any more. There are several trendy dresses a muslim bride can choose from to make her feel extra-special on her big day. With the sole aim of looking spectacular and still modest in mind, make sure you choose a dress you will stand out in.
Let Everything Complement: Just like the unspoken rule in fashion generally, everything your wear must complement one another. From your accessories to your choice of shoes, you must endeavor to find a balance that looks good on you. Consider the color palette that looks the best on you when picking your outfit. We are sure you want everything you wear on your wedding day to look very flattering on you.
Be You: As much as you want to wow your guest and look different from your everyday self, it is important that you stick to what makes you comfortable. In terms of colors or designs, only pick what you can hold your head high in. At the end of the day,c confidence is a woman’s best accessory.
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