KOKO Super Women: 3 Nigerians Female Singers Whose Sounds Are Distinct

Being different is cool and admirable, but what a lot of people don’t understand is that it can be scary. Going away from an already known template of how things are being done to creating your own niche from scratch is no easy task. And in the spirit of the International women day celebration, we are going to celebrate women who have developed their own style, not minding the  popular demand.
1. Lady Donli: Delving into the contemporary soul or alternative music is hard on its own talk less of creating it in Nigeria.
While people have tagged her as weird because of her dreads and oversized outfits, this lady has been steady in creating a diverse sound in the Nigerian music industry to which we are very proud and grateful for.
2. Tems: Tems is one singer that you can detect her voice even in your sleep, her voice that distinct, her music is compelling and gives you that Nina Simone vibe, Although still very new to the industry,

she has already taken her place amongst the alternative crew of the Nigerian music industry who are determined to dish out good music to Nigerians.
3. Asa: She is arguably the queen of alternative music in Nigeria and arguably the most successful, the woman who delved into Jazz, Indie Pop has gone to make Nigeria proud in the International sphere. Her outstanding voice and her well thought out music creating are what inspires great music in a lot of people.
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