Sunday, August 7, 2022

Fashion Trends: Style Inspiration During Our Summer of “Rain” In Nigeria

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Nigeria lately is beginning to hold its own in the fashion world, we’ve successfully exported the Ankara print across Africa and Europe. Fashion is dynamic, always in a flux be it bring back old styles and making it trendy or new styles coming in and making a statement. So here at KOKO we’ve decided to bring it upon ourselves to keep you up-to-date with the latest fashion trends be it summer, rain or harmattan styles. Yes it’s my favourite time of the year it’s the Raining seasons and yeah to some extent summer, So we’ve picked the next 5 fashion wears and styles as the perfect Summer wears for you to rock this July, so read along, chill N enjoy 😉;

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  1. Bold Colours (Lemon): Go Bold, go flashy, go bright its the summer season its the raining season. Bold colour dresses are used to make a statement visually and mentally. It can lift and elevate your mood from zero to daring and cheerful. lately, it has been noticed that there’s been a little bit of craze for the neon colours, and the bright Lemon colours. Hell yeah, you’ve got to try that bright lemon colour shirt use it to make a statement everywhere you go this summer.
  2. Summer Waterproof Jacket: 2018 taught Nigerians that when it comes to weather you can never be too careful nor prepared for rainfall. Already this year there’s already been huge rainfall and if its anything to judge by the meteorological report for this year says there is still a lot more rainfall ahead, So yes Waterproof Jackets can be a real lifesavers and help prevent been caught by surprise still vamped in style, you now know to still look fly even with that jacket on.
  3. Cross-Sling Bags/ Waist Purse: Cross-sling bags have definitely come to stay, and I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon. They give that unique comfort feeling when you don’t need to worry whether your phones, money or other valuables are well kept you know you’ve got them kept safe across your neck and body or on your waist and still get the feeling you’re not carrying anything.
  4. Fringe Dress: Well this is more feminine and its western inspired its found its way into the limelight with many fashion designers not ready to leave it behind. This year the Fringe style will cut across Jackets, Jeans, Hand, and Cross-sling bags, Skirt too who knows maybe it would spread across into their hair too!
  5. Short Agbada/ Sophisticated Short Dresses: Not in this raining season is it smart to pull on the extensively long Agbada styles, well lately short Agbada styles are the in thing for both male and female styles, so when next you’re going to your Tailor for a new style for that Owanmbe and you an Agbada style most definitely you should be rocking the Short Agbada thingy, Kapish👌🏾. Photo Credit: Getty
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