KOKO Monthly Initiative: How To Help A Child With Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that impairs with an individuals ability to communicate and interact with others. This is really challenging for children with this disorder and also for their parents and guardians. So here are five ways to help children with autism.
1. Stick To a Schedule: Children with Autism find it best to function when there is a highly structured routine void of disruption. They need consistency and if there is an unavoidable change in routine, the child must be aware beforehand.
2. Create A Safe space In Your Home: There has to be a private place in your home where your child can feel secure, relax and safe. This will involve organizing and setting boundaries in ways your child can understand. Visual cues can be helpful.
3. Figure out the motivation behind the tantrum: When children with autism throw tantrums, it is because you are not understanding their nonverbal cues. Throwing a tantrum is their way of communicating their frustration and getting your attention.
4. Pay attention to your child’s sensory sensitivities: Alot of autistic children are sensitive to light, smell, touch, and noise. Understanding what affects your child will help you know how to manage it.
5. Your child treatment should be tailored according to his needs: When coming up with your child’s treatment plan, his strength, his weakness, the behavior causing the most problem, how your child learns best, what your child enjoys should all be put into consideration.  Photo Credit: Getty

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