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KOKO Docuseries: Money Ritual – The Real Reason Why Native Doctors Are Poor – Part 4

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The fourth episode of KOKO Docuseries on money ritual is finally premiering today and it is filled with revelation and insight into the world of people that do money ritual and the various types.
money ritual

In an exclusive interview with Prince Atoyebi Sunday Adetiloye, KOKO TV brings you the truth behind why most native doctors are poor even when they are the ones that perform money ritual for other people.
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The herbalist gives a breakdown of what these native doctors do and why they don’t get rich even after the ritual. He didn’t stop there as he goes further to highlight the various types of money and the kind of people that do them.
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All the above-mentioned and more on the fourth episode of KOKO Docuseries and it is thrilling. This episode will be premiering today by 9pm on YouTube at KOKO TV Nigeria.

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