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Jummah Fashion: 10 Modest Fashionistas That Rock A Turban Like A Queen

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In the world of modest fashion, turban is a very important keyword as a lot of Muslim fashionistas take it as one of the type of outfits that defines their modesty. Here are 10 muslimahs that delivers hot turban inspo:
1. Sahar Foad is a hijab fashion blogger from Egypt and she definitely brings the country’s vibe into her outfits, stunning in both the turban and full head-veil which she pairs with beautiful accessories that perfectly match her outfits.

2. Brinney Sabrina is an American based Somalian beauty and fashion blogger with an amazing style which features abayas, hijabs, maxi skirts and turbans. She is always giving out the best of fashion which she does in a modest way.

3. Hafsah Mohammed: No one helps but fall in love with Hafsah Mohammed’s style. The young Nigerian fashionista is rapidly becoming one of Nigeria’s most talked about style queen with her modest but fashion-forward looks.

4. Zahra Aasiyah is a Canadian based model and style blogger that strives towards bringing out amazing and unique look. As a lover of colour, this muslim fashionista slays in colourful and adorable garments which she rocks endlessly by coupling it with beautiful turbans.

5. Sagal Ibrahim Shire known as Sagaleeyaa on Instagram and Tumblr is a Somalian fashion and lifestyle blogger who has inspired so many black Muslim women across the world with her unique style and handy tips.

6. Amira, popularly known as Modestmira is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Manchester, United Kingdom. She is well known for her incredible street style and she does it in a modest way by featuring a turban which she never fails to rock stylishly.

7. Kawaii Abdul: Kawaii’s amazing turban styles have earned her a lot of fans including her twelve thousand followers on Instagram who are able to learn a whole lot of different dimension of turban styling.

8. Zeinab Hammoud is a fashion and beauty blogger from Lebanon known for her wonderful and unique version of modest style. She is a popular YouTuber who motivates fellow muslimahs that the sky is their starting point giving them reasons not to underestimate themselves and bringing out their best no matter what they endeavour to do.

9. Salima Aliani also known as Salima Le Vaut Bien is a Paris based lifestyle, fashion and beauty influencer. She is a YouTuber and a self-taught makeup artist who owns a small business of oriental bridal items near Paris.

10. Sisi Bolatini is a travel, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger from Netherlands. She is well known for her incredible ways of styling turbans which she normally pairs with shirts, denim, glasses, sneakers and statement earrings.

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