I’ve Dumped A Man Because Of How His Ex Looked — Huddah Monroe

Instagram celebrity Huddah Monroe has shared an interesting story with her fans on how she dumped a man because of his ex. The sunning beauty shared that she left the man because of how his ex looked like.

 Huddah MonroeShe mentioned that the she couldn’t imagine herself dating someone who dated an ex that looked like that so she had to let him go. According to her, if he could date, have sex with an ex that looks like that then he can date and sleep with a goat or a cow. She further shared that it is not in her place to judge as the bible teaches us but she couldn’t help it.
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A few weeks ago the socialite mentioned that in the year 2021 men need to find their price range and date them instead of calling people names. Huddah further shared that in the new year men need to stop buying luxury gifts for their girls but invest in things like title deeds, a log book as gifts.
Huddah Munroe
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