It’s The Biebs Birthday! Here Are 5 Times He Warmed Our Hearts

It’s no doubt that Canadian singer, Justin Bieber is one of the biggest singers in the world right now. Starting out as a child star, he grew up in the limelight, made a lot of mistakes, found himself and blessed us with beautiful music. So here are five times Justin Bieber blessed our hearts with beautiful music.
1. Mistletoe:

Nine years ago, he released this beautiful Christmas song and it still takes us down memory lane every December.
2. Baby:

This song broke youtube’s record of becoming the most liked and disliked video of all time, this is to show the kind of impact this individual has on the world.
3. Boyfriend:

This introduced a new version of Bieber, this was the Introduction of the bad boy phase, this was the song that solidified him as the boy that every girl wanted to be with.
4. Sorry:

This song also introduced another version of Bieber, the more mature, responsible, when he realized his mistakes and ready to changed Bieber and the world was loving every bit of him.
5. Love Yourself:

This is perfect break up song, although many believed it was about his Ex Selena Gomez, this song is still a classic. Photo Credit: Getty


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