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I’m The ‘Laudest’ In Africa And I’m Coming For The Crown – Tobi Laud

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With his name gradually opening doors and his songs gaining recognition, Tobi Laud is definitely one of the new acts on the block to look out for. Although he’s been in the industry for a while, many are just beginning to vibe to his sound and take recognition of his unique sounds.

Tobi LaudIn an interview with music critic and writer at KOKO TV, Edaki Timothy, Tobi Laud discusses his art, his music, sound and what the future holds for him. He also talks a bit about his personal life, relationships and growing up. Like the sense of braggadocio that accompanies all artistes, he says he is coming for the top.
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Tobi Laud in his interview spoke about his type of music calling it Afrofusion, and no one does it better than him calling himself the laudest in Africa. He also fired a signal warning to Wizkid and Burna Boy saying he is coming for the Afrofusion crown and take it all.

Read an excerpt from the interview below;

Who would you say is your favourite between Wizkid, Burna Boy and Davido?

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The three of them are all good musicians. This is a tight spot really, but I’ve always been a big fan of Wizkid. I love Wizkid. I love Davido. I love Burna Boy. They are all very brilliant artistes, but I’m a big Wizkid fan. I’ll, however, say, me going into music was more of a Davido influence than a Wizkid thing. Davido was one of the persons that made me say, “oh this music thing, I can do this.” But I’m more a Wizkid person.

Favourite Wizkid and Davido song.

For Wizkid, it is ‘Thank you‘. For Davido, I’m not too sure but it should be ‘Like Dat.’

What’s the future for Tobi Laud? Say 5 years from now.

I don’t think I’m ever going to be an alternative act. First of all, I like to be in people’s face. I like to create an impression every time I come around. Next five years, I want to have taken over a lot of space in Africa, the UK and the US. As difficult as going foreign might be, I am looking to penetrate that market and with my team, I am certain of success.

Let’s get back to your music and sound, what inspires your music?

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I get my inspiration from different things. It could come from conversations with people, while talking or listening. Next thing, I’m writing about it. Sometimes, I could be in my studio like this and something simple just happens and I feel the need to document it. Basically, an inspiration for me is God-given. It could come when I’m praying or something like that.

What would you say makes your sound different from what is obtainable out there?

For Tobi Laud, what I am certain about is the chemistry between my vocals and message. There is almost no song you’ll hear from Tobi Laud that you won’t hear me trying to sing my heart out. I put every energy I have into any song. Such that at the end of the day, there’s someone out there who can totally enjoy the song and relate to it. And there’s my voice and how I like to bring back my old sounds, then mix with the new. You’ll find that a lot in my EP.

Any final words for the growing Tobi Laud fans?

I want to thank my fans and like you asked if there’s anyone thinking I went on a break, I didn’t. There’s no break for Tobi Laud. I want to thank them for their support. They’ve been very helpful. Even without promo sometimes, my songs still do their numbers.

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Also, I’m the Laudest in Africa and I am coming for the top and the crown, so watch out Wizkid, Burna And Davido, Y’all better take me seriously.

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