I Killed Her Because She Snatched My Boyfriend 10 years Ago — Murder Suspect

A Resident of Greenville Estate, Ajah, Lagos, Anita Ofili, who allegedly stabbed her friend, Glory Okon, in her apartment at Greenville Estate, has revealed the reason behind her criminal act.

According to her, she had harbored a deep hatred for Glory for the past 10 years because she snatched her boyfriend. She had decided to enact her revenge on her on the 26th of March when she knifed her to death.

The victim’s cry for help alerted other residents who forcefully kicked the door self-contain apartment open only to discover Ofili thrusting a kitchen knife into Okon’s neck.

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Though the victim was rushed to the General Hospital on Lagos Island but was confirmed dead after having lost so much blood.

According to report, Anita and Glory had been friends for going to twenty years and had even attended the same tertiary institution. They were said to have had a misunderstanding that tore them apart for close to 10 years before they reconciled two weeks ago.

When questioned by the police on why she killed her friend, Anita confessed that she had killed Glory because she spoiled things between herself and her potential husband.

“Glory and I had been good friends for years, but she betrayed that friendship by snatching my boyfriend.

“I had the intention of marrying him. Her action strained the relationship and we went our separate ways for 10 years. We only reconciled two weeks ago. I invited her to my house and the rest you know.”

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One of the suspect’s family members who visited the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Department, SCIID, yesterday, was heard telling others that Anita had always been troublesome but no one knew she could go to this extent.

“I stopped visiting her over 12 years ago because of her character flaws.”

Meanwhile, a team of detectives visited Ofili’s apartment, yesterday.

Police sources said tramadol suspected to have been used to drug the deceased was recovered.

Anita stabbed her friend

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