Saturday, April 1, 2023

I Have No Regrets Recording ‘Logo Benz’ – Lil Kesh

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Rapper Lil Kesh came under massive heat a few weeks ago after the release of his single ‘Logo Benz’ which many said promoted rituals and internet fraud. Kesh in a new interview with Sunday Scoop hs made it known he has no regrets recording the song. In his words;  Logo Benz was inspired by things we saw on social media and in our environment. One of the trending news now is how people are stealing pants for money rituals. One of those things they buy with the money is Benz cars. We thought we should do a song about it and create awareness; this is what we have been doing as musicians. But I guess people got the wrong impression. When it came out, it was heavily criticised and people felt we were promoting money rituals. I understood why it happened because some parts of the lyrics were not too clear. If we had looked for a better way to put the story out there, people would have understood it better.” Kesh added saying; “We have been able to create so much awareness on the issue and I am sure we have been able to save lives. Even if it was just one person we saved by releasing the song, I am happy. I don’t live with regrets. If I could go back in time, I would still release the song. But this time, we would do it in a way that it would not be misunderstood.” On knowing the song would generate controversies he said;. “I didn’t know the controversies would be this much. I intend to address the issue, but I wanted the tension to drop. If I had come online immediately to address it, people might still not pay attention to me,” he said.Photo Credit: Lil Kesh

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