Sunday, November 28, 2021

Hypocrite?! Outrage As Prince Charles Flew 125miles In A Helicopter To Lecture Scientists On Aircraft Emissions

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Climate campaigner Prince Charles was at the centre of an eco row for lecturing scientists on reducing aircraft emissions – after flying in on the Queen’s helicopter.

The royal – already under fire over air travel costing £280,000 last month – flew 178 miles on two journeys. But the chopper’s total trip, to and from base, was 368 miles. Charles was picked up at Highgrove, Glos, and flown 125 miles to Cambridge.

A Bentley then ferried him the last few miles to Cambridge University’s world-leading Whittle Laboratory. Its scientists are leading research into the decarbonisation of air travel and aim to develop the first zero-carbon flight. During a speech to researchers Charles, 71, urged them to “act quickly to rescue this poor old planet”. But within minutes of speaking he was back in the air again – flying the 53 miles to Sandringham to see the Queen.

Experts say the helicopter’s full journey, involving four flights, caused carbon emissions of around 2 .5 tonnes, used hundreds of gallons of aviation fuel and cost at least £12,000. It is estimated Charles could have cut his carbon footprint down to an estimated 0 .2 tonnes if he had gone by car. Eco groups and royal watchers slammed the prince last night. Graham Smith, CEO of campaign group Republic, said: “He wants to play the role, but not walk the walk. His view seems to be that it’s one rule for him and one rule for the rest of us. Driving or using the train would have been pretty easy.”
Dr Lucy Gilliam, aviation and shipping campaigner for environmental group Transport & Environment, said: “Private planes and helicopters use 10 to 20 times the carbon emissions of just taking a normal plane, a train or an electric car. He could have used a private car with a chauffeur, ideally an electric one if he really wanted to walk the walk. He can definitely afford a Tesla.
A Clarence House spokesman said: “The Prince is not personally involved in decisions around his transportation arrangements, though he ensures all carbon emissions are offset every year. They are made based on what is possible within the constraints of time, distance and security. In order for him to undertake as many engagements as he does across the UK and around the world he sometimes has to fly. As he has often said, as soon as there is a more sustainable way of making these journeys, he’ll be the first to use it.”
Flight tracking records show the maroon Sikorsky S-76 C++ twin engine chopper was despatched from RAF Odiham, Hants, to pick Charles up at Highgrove, 60 miles away. It then flew the 125 miles to Cambridge and on to Sandringham. After dropping Charles at the royals’ Norfolk estate the chopper headed back to RAF Odiham – another 130 miles.

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