Homemade Beske, Fried Cheese Bites, Is Not A Bad Idea

It’s another Friday to explore Beske, KOKOFoodies, I sincerely cannot describe the joy and excitement I have every time I have to connect with you on this food segment, because of the exploration and new things that I learn to try out. I hope you are excited to be here too, and to read through our website. Today, we’ll be making Beske, the Northern Nigeria’s Fried Cheese.
Beske is a tasty snack made from cheese or soy curds called Wara in Yoruba. It is common in the Northern parts of Nigeria, Ilorin inclusive but has become a delicacy for Yorubas too, especially the one made from Soy Curds as it is so simpler to make. The fried cheese or soy curds is also popular in places where Wara is being sold. Fried beske is golden in colour. We shall be looking at two methods to prepare this snack – one from the scratch (from Soya beans) and the other from already made Wara. Are you there? Leggo!Homemade Beske, Fried Cheese Bites, Is Not A Bad IdeaRecipe 1: Soya Beans Version
Ingredients: 2 cups Soya beans, 4 litres water, Alum and Sieve (especially the cloth type used for pap)
How To Make
Soak soya beans overnight, then blend with much quantity of water. Sieve the blended content to separate the soya milk from the shaft. At this point the shaft can be discarded or dried for later use. Pour the milk inside a big pot and boil for 45mins or more. Dissolve the alum in the remaining 1ltr of water, pour water inside the boiling milk and let it continue to boil some more till the milk cuddles.

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Remove from the fire, leave to cool, then sieve the cuddled milk from the water. Press down with heavy object like pestle to drain away all the water. Cut out the cheese into pieces in the shapes and sizes that you want, and fry in little oil until brown and crispy. There you have it! Serve hot with yaaji or any sauce of your choice.Homemade Beske, Fried Cheese Bites, Is Not A Bad IdeaRecipe 2: Already Made Wara Version
Ingredients: Wara, Salt and Vegetable Oil to fry.
How To Make
Did I say this is the fastest and easiest way of making Beske? Well, it simply because the Wara is already made. So simply place the curds in a bowl, add salt to taste and mix. Heat up the oil in a pan and fry the salted curds in the oil till golden brown and cripsy. Remove one after the other and drain in an iron sieve preferably or paper towel. Your beske is ready at the count of 2-5 minutes! Serve as a snack.Photos Credit: Getty

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