Sunday, August 7, 2022

Have You Got Bags of Style? Then Try The Trending Instagram Shopping Bag Challenge

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Just when you thought we’d reached peak Instagram fashion madness (see the #pillowchallenge and Duvetchallenge), a new viral challenge has arrived to keep us occupied.

Meet the #shoppingbagchallenge, which requires participants to don – and style – their shopping bags. Yes, this is a one which gives new meaning to the term bag lady.

While there are a handful of designer totes which have been styled with hip-cinching belts, there’s also been a Primark bag, a Bag for Life and various miscellaneous paper bags.

The origin of the #shoppingbagchallenge isn’t yet known, but users have also been sharing posts about their creations using the hashtags “paper bag challenge,” “paper bag dress” and “bag challenge.”

Some users have implied that the challenge was born out of boredom, with one user captioning her photo, “I’m not bored, you are.” And while some have styled out brown paper bags, others have got decidedly more creative.

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There are those who are hanging the handles of designer totes around their necks, while others are using supermarket bags to cover their modesty.

The best part of this challenge is how age-inclusive it is: there have been a handful of tots modelling Dior and Chanel bags, alongside their adult counterparts.

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So, what’re you waiting for? Have a rummage in your bag drawer and instead of throwing them out, style them out!Photo Credit: Getty

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