Weddings: All You Need To Know About Hausa Marriage Rites

Hausa marriage rites 4Hausa traditional Weddings are quite similar to the traditional weddings of other tribes, with few differences

If you are planning to get married from the Northern part of Nigeria, then you should get acquainted with the Hausa marriage rites that lead up to the main wedding ceremony. The first thing you need to know is that the rites may last up to a week and the Nikkai precedes every other step. Here are the rites that follow-up to the reception;
1.Kayan Zance: Once the proposal has been accepted by the bride’s family, preparation to bring the bridal items, also known as “Kayan Zance” would begin. The items on the list include;
Beauty products
Cash (Kudin Gaisuwa)
Cooking itemsHausa marriage rites 4
2. Daurin Aure: This is the religious rite/wedding Fatiha of the marriage ceremony.This is the most significant part of the wedding. Male representatives from both families will be in attendance of this. Prayers are offered on the behalf of the couple in the presence other few invited guests. A little reception may be done after this.Hausa marriage rites 3
3. Kamun Amariya: This is a fun part of the entire rite. The friends of the bride are gathered around the bride and negotiation goes on for a long for how they are willing to take to release the bride to the groom’s family.Hausa marriage rites 2
4. Kai Amariya: This is the last part of the marriage rites. The bride is escorted by family and friends to her matrimonial home, but not before prayers have been done, and tangible advice given. A grand reception could also be held to culminate the rites. In some parts of Hausa land, the “Sayan Baki” is done, whereby negotiation is done on how to much to pay before the bride speaks to the groom.Hausa marriage rites 1
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