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Halima Abubakar Confirms Her Deadly Relationship With Apostle Suleman, Threatens To Release More Evidence (Photos And Videos))

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Controversial Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar has finally confirmed the rumours about her deadly relationship with Nigerian cleric, Apostle Suleman.halima abubakar

Recall that controversial blogger, Gist Lover, disclosed that the actress was involved in a relationship with the man of God, who is allegedly fetish. The faceless blog unveiled numerous secrets and identities allegedly involved with Apostle Suleiman.
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A few hours after the reports emerged online, Halima Abubakar, via her Instagram story, claimed that there would be a disaster if she opened her mouth to confirm the rumours. She wrote: “If I start to talk Nigeria will close. Hmmmmmm”. Halima Abubakar further threatened to disclose more secrets on social media if anyone tried to bully her with unnecessary messages. She wrote: “None of you idiots scare me.. None of you..none, none. Dm rubbish and I will post it”.
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A new update that is making rounds on social media is Halima Abubakar’s confirmation of the past events to Gist Lover. The controversial blogger shared some screenshots from the conversation he had with the actress, accompanied by numerous videos of her present situation. Gist lover wrote once again,  Hello tueh tueh, I don tell una say this and I will say this all over again , YOU ARE DOING SO WELL. DONT LET INSTAGRAM OR ANY PRESSURE PUSH YOU ASTRAY , please this particular gist tag people , tag the whole world , let them see the evil going on in the church of God, tag any university student you know , they all need to learn , Tagggg. Okay, sometimes last year we woke up one beautiful morning and Halima posted that she just gave birth , I came after her so bad that she should stop lying and she debunked immediately with videos and pictures of pregnancy and even babies , a lot of people tagged me a liar, said I am e.vil, I don’t like good things , yen yen yen ,fast forward to some years after the truth is here, why is it that people wait for me to bring up gist before they speak up , so Halima has been bottling this Suleman pain for years until I made my findings and posted the gist before she could speak up , according to her , after knacking Suleman for close to two years and he was sponsoring her big time, bought house for her and all, she woke up one morning and she started having that pain , that was where her woes began , she was carried everywhere and they all pointed at just one powerful person , according to them , even since the sickness started Apostle suleman stopped giving her money completely, before we know what’s going on , she started having protruding belle, the belle grew so big that it looked so much like a pregnant woman , you know in my story yesterday I told y’all how she was told that her womb got Damaged in the process of her 6months bleeding non stop, so she just thought of what to do with the belle just to cover her shame because people were beginning to ask her if she was pregnant.

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She was taken to different hospitals and did test for fibroid but nothing was seen , after a while the tummy opened and a lot of things started coming out of the tummy, then the tummy started reducing , it was in that process she announced to the world that she gave birth and had to pay for a baby just so people won’t question her,few months after the baby saga the stomach started growing again , it goes on and off now , this is a man of God who has.

Apostle Suleman and prophet Jeremiah,be ready for me, The game up for you both , if you want to ask about gistlovers well, ask Yeye fake Dr Anu b*tcher or ask Mamalawo , they will explain better, the two ladies do juju pass anything too but one thing is, LIES CAN GO ON FOR ON FOREVER , BUT just one day wey TRUTH go start him journey, TRUTH GO CATCH UP AND OVERTAKE, I don’t mind how long these will take me but know this, we don enter one trouser for inside this world, go una cover go tell them say NA JEANSLOVEr. TALK THIS ONE , iku oro lema ku, enough of using people , enough, they have one thing in common, 3SOME S.EX. Ever since hand don meet The butcher Dr Anu, una hear of any death from her hospital again ? The awareness was massive , people now cherish their lives ,, when be say before Na so so death , Dr Alapata, Jeremiah and Suleman , get READY!!! Please tag people , Tag massively , that otobo Girl who can get her for me , No be me Dey do all these things ooo, I won’t take glory for Gods work , Na God Dey run am steady steady , the two of you be prepared to collide with God, una eyes go peel yama yama . I come in peace. Continuation: This is a self acclaimed man of God who has millions of congregation , Halima is still battling what Suleman did to her till today , all those pictures you are seeing on her page is all social media deceits, y’all should not wake one day and see that Halima is gone , she is gradually going ?? Something needs to be done , Suleman needs to be stopped , if Suleman ever slept with you and gave you money , you need to go for cleansing and serious prayers , serious one , Suleman uses girls and he disguise as if it’s just for pleasure , he is not alone , some top pastors too are his cohorts , they pay heavily knowing what they will get from you , all those guys arranging university girls for him too I will post all of them , all, if your sister is in Bowen university warn them , Suleman and his group are not joking, why is the world silent over this , I keep shouting , young girls , legit hustlers , don’t be pressured , you only see what they post on Instagram , a lot of people slaying in Instagram are empty , Suleman also knows about these Ghanaian actress mental illness , the actress caught suleman in the act where he was holding some fetish things , the end is history , the lady is still battling mental illness till today , I will post her own case too later , even Halima had brain issue in the middle of all these wahala , Legit hustlers, be contended , yes, some girls too get jazz for protection from their baba. But don’t forget that one jazz will senior another , what happened to hard work with a money you will get and have rest of mind , I will drop a list of those on suleman prick now, they need to seek Gods face and pray fervently , you might be okay now ooo, but it’s a matter of time , you see all these actresses dying of cancer , kidney etc , a lot of them are not those sickness , they are not , when doctors don find find them go call am one name , Be CONTENDED , Bowen university girls , Even other universities, there are lot of suleman on the loose , some attack you won’t feel the impact now , i Dey come make I drop list. See Halima’s chat below;

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